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Entry 1, Day 2

Welcome to my year abroad diary, cliche as that is.
Entries will be inter’Mitte’nt, despite me currently being in Schoenefeld.

So. Berlin.
I arrived in Berlin yesterday afternoon, overtired, dehydrated and not ready to face Germany. My most exciting adventure was a trip to Aldi for food, toothpaste and a paper I have not yet read, and a painful battle with the hotel wifi. I still do not have a SIM card, but that’s in my plans for tomorrow.

Today, however, was a lot more successful. After a nice lie in, in contrast to yesterday’s 3am start, I set out to start the day in a new and exciting fashion. What actually happened is that I had a shower and went on the internet.

Once I worked out what I was doing, I set out at 3pm to find my first accomodation meeting. I had time to kill, and had a little wander around Tempelhof before getting on the U-Bahn. It then took me 2 hours to find the flat, because I’d managed to go the wrong way. Had I spent 30 seconds longer looking the other way when I left Seestrasse, I would have spotted the road I wanted. Classic GabGab.

Marie was very nice, complimenting me on my German and the room looks impressive for the price, especially compared to the UK. We spent a while talking about landlords and bad experiences.I have 3 flats to look at tomorrow, and currently 1 on Tuesday.

The journey home was a delight. I spotted a man reading an RPG Player’s handbook, in assumedly English , though I couldn’t identify the game due to hand/cover placement (orangey cover, white ‘Player’s Handbook’ with red writing above it. Normal size/format for a PHB.) and then chatted to the shuttle driver on the way to the hotel about learning English, what you’d drink with Fish and Chips and London.

Kuturelle Differenzen
Shopping - Sunday shopping is bad enough in the UK. Very few things are open on a Sunday in Berlin.
Trust - I may have misunderstood the German train system, but it does not have turnstiles and expects you to buy your own tickets in advance, as long as you validate them. This is unusual compared to the UK.

Kulturelle Gleichgultigkeiten
Hotels - Basically the same. Wasn’t really anything I noticed as being different from any other hotel I’ve been in. This one has an Aldi as part of the same building complex, if that counts.

Woerte des Tages
guenstig - good value
Apfelwein - cider
feucht - damp
besichtigen - to have a look around
-s Folgetag - the following day
Ersatzverkehr mit Busse - replacement bus service (I didn’t have to use one, but I thought some people would get a chuckle out of this).

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